CTL SD Compact Track Loader Track 320 mm - Fits: Kubota SVL75

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434.00 LBS
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All-season traction and versatility

Kubota approved replacement for damaged or worn tracks on Kubota brand track loaders

Best choice for mud and snow


  • Single-cure technnology with a proven rubber compound promotes even tread wear for a long predictable tread life.
  • Versatile all-season traction tread pattern provides outstanding traction on various surface conditions year-round.
  • Forged metal cores with Trackguard technology improves rolling path life for reduced failures and enhanced durability.
  • Endless high-tensile steel cables eliminates unexpected downtime due to cable and joint failures.

A versatile solution that provides ultimate traction and excellent performance on various surface conditions year-round.

Camso Product ID Kubota Part Number Description Width (MM) Pitch (MM) Links Tread Pattern Guiding Metal Piece Carcass Thickness Lug Height Joint Endless Weight in kg Weight in lbs
16.2118.7495 77700-05501 320 x 52 x 86 B B E (47, 27) CAMOPLAST SD TRACK FLAT 320 86 52 B B E 47 27 JOINT 197.30 434.06
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Warranty Information


Track Series  
Machine Type Months of Service*** Hours Limit***
Camso SD Series
CTL 18,/td> 1500
MEX 30 2500
Camso HXD series
CTL 24 2000
MEX 42 3500

** This is an extract of our warranty certificate.

*** Whichever comes first. If unknown months of service, manufacturing date will be used.

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