Woolwax® "Pro" Undercoating Gun

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  • Woolwax® "Pro" Undercoating Gun Kit
  • Woolwax® "Pro" Undercoating Gun with Bottle
  • Woolwax® "Pro" Undercoating Gun
  • Woolwax® "Pro" Undercoating Gun 24" Flexible Extension Wand and 18" 360° Flexible Extension Wand
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This gun has been modified to work well with Fluid Film® & Woolwax® formulas. This gun is equipped with an adjustable nozzle allowing the user to control the product flow and to spray different textures. The plastic 24" extension wand and the 18" 360° wand can be used for spraying cavities, frame rails, doors, etc.

The gun offers the flexibility of a fully adjustable nozzle. By adjusting the nozzle outwards, the product flow increases, thereby producing a thicker coat. Please note that the gun will not work if the brass nozzle is not installed. To install an optional wand, unscrew the nozzle first, and then screw the wand into the gun. Make sure not to screw the wand in too far as that will decrease or stop the product flow.

  • Working pressure: 40-90 psi (max 120 psi) 75-95 psi is usually ideal.
  • Approximate air consumption: 3-5 CFM
  • Adjustable nozzle sprays different textures
  • Aluminum plunger 7" long
  • Gun Frame Made in Italy

Kit includes:

  • Pro spray gun with adjustable nozzle for flow control
  • (3) Clear quart plastic bottles with caps
  • 24" open-end flexible extension wand
  • 18" 360° flexible extension wand


  • It is always helpful to warm and stir the undercoating product before spraying.
  • Make sure that the small hole in the collar remains unclogged at all times.
  • When using the gun for the first time, you may need to experiment with the adjustable nozzle setting to start the gun spraying. Start with the brass nozzle just screwed in 1 or 2 turns. (just enough to make the connection). When the nozzle is screwed in all the way, it is in the "closed" position, and will not work.
  • A quick cleaning can be accomplished by filling a clean, empty product canister with a cup of solvent (paint thinner, etc) Spraying this solvent through the gun will loosen the product inside. Plain water will work just as well.
  • Be careful when bending the flexible wands. If they bend too much, they will "crack" and become unusable.
  • Do not try to extend the length of the flexible wands. It will not work.
  • It is sometimes helpful to screw a small inexpensive regulator to the gun to adjust the pressure.
  • You may need to work with the pressure settings a bit to find the best setting for your setup. Ideal pressures vary by compressor, hose length, etc.
  • Wear safety goggles to protect your eyes from spray material or particulate that may come loose from the object being sprayed.
  • Wear a proper safety mask to stop dust and fumes from entering your lungs.
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